James Webb: Songwriter-Singer-Guitarist 

James began playing guitar professionally in Melbourne at the age of seventeen, originally being self-taught from a correspondence course. He began work in pick-up bands, organised either by the Musicians’ Union or by fellow musicians, later moving to big band residencies at major Town Hall dances. In order to promote professional music at the behest of Musicians’ Union he put together a jazz sextet for TV which went on to appear on Graham Kennedy’s “In Melbourne Tonight” for about a year. From his early days he had an interest in songwriting and arranging for big bands and combos.

After moving to Brisbane with his day job he obtained casual music work through the Musicians’ Union and as lead guitarist with a country band. To make more money, he took up singing and began doing “one-out” gigs as singer-guitarist. A work promotion took him back to Melbourne where he also picked up the role of MC-male vocalist with a big band.

Following a later move to Sydney James played as guitarist/guitar-vocalist in a range of bands as well as producing arrangements for other vocalists. At the beginning of the 80s he formed the rock-country group, Indian Pacific, whose busy schedule extended to include two long-term residencies. (The band also caused a storm in Tamworth by being disqualified at the point of being the leading Star Maker finalists in 1982). During time with the band James wrote songs for the band as well writing and producing commercial and corporate music.

James gave up professional music when an executive promotion required a greater focus on the day job but he continued to perform at open mike and ASA events and on stage in amateur theatre. He also wrote and directed two short musical theatre productions.

Since moving to the NSW Northern Rivers in 2005 James turned to writing, recording and performing original songs under the performance name of Son Of Jack. In April 2011 he released his own album of original music, “Desperation”. As well as performing as Son Of Jack he also plays guitar or bass in the pit for amateur stage musicals.
(Version: 30 Jun 2014)